Of course, there are a number of considerations that should be deliberated upon before making an important decision like this one:

  • A first-time hairdressing salon owner must take the necessary steps to establish his or her new salon legitimately, which often means writing a business plan and researching tax obligations. This may sound daunting, but with the right expert assistance, you can accomplish this efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • In most cases, a significant amount of disposable cash may not be available for business start-up costs. If this is the case, financing can be secured before moving forward.
  • A new salon should be branded, meaning that its values should be made evident to the public in an effort to establish a reputation in the industry. Things like a brand strategy, a business name, strapline, and logo are all part of the branding process.
  • The best hairdressing salon owners are already established beauty-business professionals. This is not only an important consideration when a hairdressing salon owner plans on cutting, colouring, and styling hair in the salon, but it’s a must when managing other stylists. Of course, a non-hairstylist can start a hairdressing salon business, but we strongly advise that a beauty professional be hired as a managing director.
  • People management skills are a must for any hairdressing salon owner. An understanding of different learning styles, personality types, and the ability to extract the best from each person is imperative.
  • Perseverance is essential when establishing any new business. A hairdressing salon requires long hours and hard work; however, we contend that it’s all worth it.

Five billion pounds are spent on health and beauty supplies per year in the UK, and a large portion of this is sold by hairdressing salons. It is estimated that more than 30,000 people in the UK are employed by hairdressing salons and other beauty-related spas.

What does this mean for you, an aspiring hairdressing salon owner? It means that there’s a market for what you wish to offer. The question is this: will you be able to cut through the competition in order to deliver something that your clients believe to be a “cut above?”

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